maandag 17 augustus 2009

Panther Company HQ

Here some pictures of my recently completed Panther Company HQ, it consists of 2 Panther tanks, one for the company commander (200), and one for the second in command (201).

Nebelwerfer platoon

Here are some pictures of my recently completed Nebelwerfer platoon, it consists of a platoon command team, an observer team and 3 nebelwerfer rocketlaunchers.
i've ordered another blister of Nebelwerfers to make a full platoon of 6 Nebelwerfers.
the transports i'll add in the future.

Dutch Countryside Terrainboard

Here some pics of the "Dutch countryside terrainboard" i'm making for the coming Hells Highway and Marketgarden settings.The board is 1,2 x1,6 mtrs just a bit shorter than an average board size. it consists of 6 pieces of 400 x 800 mm which are modular.

i've the intention of making some more bases for woods to put trees on and i have a Dutch farm which i have to finish the base of will post some pics of it in the future.

the hedgerows are modular in sections of 100 and 200 mm long and 30 mm wide for a totall of 5,2 mtrs, i want to add some trees to the sections later on.
some of the hedgerows have fences in them for acces.

the grainfields are cut so that they mostly have edges of 19 or 28 cm to match with the hedgerows.

the windmill is a pola HO scale building kit which is a bit small for a HO scale building, so perfect for Flames of War. the roof is detachable so infantry can be put inside (observers).



maandag 10 augustus 2009

Panther Tank Houffalize ( Ardennes)

I went to the Belgian Ardennes for a few days and in the village where we stayed there was a Panther tank on the village square. i took some pics of it, it belonged to the 116th panzerdivision "windhund". The name of the tank was " Tebbe"