zaterdag 13 juni 2009

Camouflage test

Here a picture of te first test with some foilage camo.
it;s made of branches of a tree kit from Busch, then i dipped them in a brownish wash and put some green flock on top.

the foilage isn't glued to the StuH, i will put it back on when it falls off or make some new ones if it breakes.

zondag 7 juni 2009

Stugs work in progress almost finished

Here a picture of 2 StuG III models for my Panzer Company HQ.
They are almost finished, i only need to put some decals on them and some anti shine coating and finally i want to add some foilage to camouflage them.
The decals are ordered and i'm going to do some tests for how to make a good looking but wargame durable foilage to put on the tanks.

Here another pic of my HQ stugs, on this pic u have a better view of the commanders.

Here a picture of one of my StuG III Combat platoons. They also need some decals,a layer of anti shine coating and some foilage for camouflage.

Here a picture of the StuG's that i finished so far, on the background on the rulebook u can see part of my StuH platoon that is now also finished. I need to take some pics of those.