zondag 12 juli 2009

Panzerspah patrol

Here two pictures of my recently completed Panzerspah patrol,
I use them along my Panzers as recce troops.

Panther Platoon

I finished them today and i must say they worked out pretty well.
I will use them along my StuG's for now untill their Company HQ is done,
and I will add a fourth Panther to the Platoon aswell. on the second panther
you can vaguely see a white metall bucket with a white emaille coating and blue rim,
they nicked it from a farm they passed by...

Here some more pictures of my now fully completed Panther platoon. i've added a fouth Panther to it and did some more weathering. i only need to make some foilage camo to put on the tanks...

Fallschirmjaeger Platoon

Here some pictures of my recently completed Fallschirmjaeger Platoon.

The next thing for the jaeger is their Company HQ with shreck team and a second platoon and the base for my Fallschirmjaeger Company will be finished.

For now i can use this platoon for support in my Panzer Company.