vrijdag 20 november 2009

British Armoured Recce, Company HQ

Here some pictures of my HQ cromwells for my British Armoured Recce which i finished painting alomst a year ago.

It represents "B Squadron 15 /19 King's Royal Hussars" this is an Armoured Recce Regiment from the 11th Armoured Division "The Black Bulls"

All the cromwells of the Amoured Recce Company have their own names, they can be seen in white on the turrets. names of tanks from the same platoon start with the same letter...

Now Hells Highway is out i have to order me some Challengers for some real punch with this company and to finally be able to take platoons consisting of four tanks ;)

This is "Eaglet", tank of the 2nd in Command

This is "Eagle", tank of the Company Commander

Here you can see both of them together, you can also see the divisional symbol (the raging black bull) and divisional number (45 on a green/blue background).

Here you can see their regimental markings ( white squares) on their turrets, white stands for recce unit and the square stands for B squadron...

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